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Nava Lundy

About the Artist

​​​​​Nava Lundy is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania (B.F.A. ’05) and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (Cert. ’05).  Nava has been a professional artist since 1998, and has been painting over 20 years.  Her exploits as an artist have been featured in The Palm Beach Post, The Sun Sentinel, The Chicago Tribune, The Tampa Tribune and The St. Petersburg Times.  Her art work has been featured on NBC's nationally syndicated program Daytime as well as locally on CBS's Studio 10. Nava has also been a guest on several television and radio programs, and regularly conducts lectures on art and art history around Florida through Brandeis University.  

Her work has also been used in set designs in several films. Nava's art work is also part of the permanent collections nationally and internationally by private collectors, universities, and museums, including Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, Israel.



About the Artwork

I am inspired by how light brings richness and vitality to color.  I feel most alive when I explore my subjects with palette knife discovering nuance of color and texture and it is my goal that the viewer feels that same passion when they see my work.  I want that energy to translate to the viewer making them rediscover a subject or color they may have otherwise overlooked.   Painting is the only time I find absolute calm, I try to capture a "quiet" in my paintings that often escapes my life outside of my art.

University of South Florida
Nava has also partnered with the University of South Florida in "Portraying Courage: Holocaust Survivors in Voice and Image".

Her work is part of the University of South Florida's permanent digital collection.   "Art and Autobiography" documentary featured at the Florida Holocaust Museum and the University of South Florida
Produced by the University of South Florida

"Nava Lundy works in the present but draws heavily on the past in terms of her approach to painting. The results are rich with classical and modern influence. Hints of cubism and Picasso’s blue period percolate to the surface of Nava’s pictures, yet the lasting impression on the viewer is one of unique originality. Recently earning her Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Pennsylvania and her certification by the Pennsylvania Academy Of Fine Arts, this young painter is one to take note of now." -Edward Montgomery Fine Art


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